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Rules for advertisers on prestigeescort.com


These rules contain a non-exhaustive list of ads for Services. The release of the ads on prestigeescort.com is forbidden from legal, ethical, moral or business policy reasons. As prohibited apply also the ads that deceive or mislead the visitors of prestigeescort.com due to incorrect or missing information. The displayed persons in the advertisements may not be underage (minor) that is not under 18 - respectively under 21 years old. (The decisive factor is the age of majority in the respective country) If you have any doubts as to the admissibility of your lnserates, then please contact our support: support@prestige-escort.com

1. General determination

1.1 Association full of respect

prestigeescort.com sees itself as one friendly visitant platform. The contact with employees, customers and users of the prestigeescort.com must be accordingly done with mutual respect, which means hurtful or abusive behavior is not permitted.

1.2 Applicable Law

On the platform prestigeescort.com and on its content the Laws of Switzerland are applicable.

1.3 Responsibility for ads on prestigeescort.com

The Client carries the exclusive responsibility for the contents of its display (such as texts, images, etc.) and of, in this context, in the driven correspondence (as answers, questions to the support, etc.) In particular, the customer is responsible that his ads are current and factually correct.

1.4 Data Delivery

The customer agrees to provide all data submitted to third parties of prestigeescort.com data in the form and quality specified by prestigeescort.com. Furthermore, the customer warrants that he at all by him directly or indirectly through a third party prestigeescort.com or a third party admits elites to grouting data, such as texts, images, etc. is right and as part of contractual agreements may be used with prestigeescort.com.

1.5 Permissible languages (Portal languages)

The ads are allowed only in the following languages:

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Chinese (Mandarin)
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Arabic

The texts must be written correctly in a portal language and not just a sequence of words.

1.6 Ads with false or misleading information

An ad with a content which is suitable for the user to be fooled or mislead, will be deleted. Texts and images must correspond to the actual advertisers.

1.7 Sanctions

prestigeescort.com reserves its right, to stop all advertisements without consultation with the customer to delete or modify, if the ads are against the present Advertisement rules and in the case of laws breach, to inform the competent public authorities.

prestigeescort.com is also entitled to delete Advertisements at any time without consultation if it is not explicitly violate the present Advertisement rules.

2 Forbidden ads

This ban list is merely exemplary in nature, serves to the better understanding and is thus not exhaustive. The customer shall be mentioned as responsible for the compliance in the introduction and in Paragraph 1. As far as ads are prohibited for the introduction and Paragraph 1, aren't contained expressly in the Prohibited List, this does not mean that such advertisements may be published.

2.1 Ads with the following contents are not permissible:

  • Advertisements from advertisers that are minor, this means that under 18, under 21 years (set by the legal age in the corresponding country)
  • Advertisements which target the minors, that is, fewer than 18, less than 21 years (set by the legal age in the corresponding country).
  • Ads with obscene texts and images.

Images that will be switched on with the listing must be complied with the legislation.

In addition, for the publication must be followed these rules:

  • Images must show the advertiser or the advertisers personally. The user must give his right to publish them.
  • Genitals (also shaved) and pubic hair may not be visible nor supplied, not even partially.
  • Images may contain no contact information such as (phone, e-mail, website, etc.).
  • Images must not contain depictions of sexual acts with persons or persons with sex toys.
  • Images that were not professionally taken or are of poor quality will not be published.
3. Advertisement

Posting of a new advertisement for a competing site of prestigeescort.com as well as advertising, which is contrary to the provisions of relevant laws is prohibited.